Why Proton

The only browser that doesn’t track you. Fast. Secure.

Highest performance

We have removed all the tools which are used to track user activities online, and it resulted in mush faster page loading times. Proton ensures the highest performance level, a faster graphics rendering, a quck and easy download of files and videos.


Proton is the only existing browser ensuring that your online activities remain completely anonymous. The key feature of Proton is the full user privacy. Proton doesn’t track you online, doesn’t save your activity, web-history and user information.


Websites are spying on almost everying you do when browsing online without your permission - take back your control. Proton is the only existing browser that doesn’t collect or share any personal information.

Proton browser doesn’t send any statistics of visited pages, doesn’t store your history and passwords, blocks web-analytics and social network requests, automatically deletes all Internet activity traces when closing the program.

Innovative solutions

Easily view multiple tabs without compromising productivity - instead of having tiny tabs squeezed together, all tabs opened in Proton are conveniently arranged in multiple rows. Showing tabs on multiple rows will also help you visually manage the content. You can also restore all tabs from a previous session.

The only existing safe browser

Full protection against tracking - we dont’collect, save or store any of your personal information


Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit